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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kids Around The World I and II

Same pattern, two quilts!

Had two more baby quilts come to the top of the queue, and decided to look for a pattern that would enable me to use some of my hundreds of scrap fabs.  I found a cute paper-pieced boy and girl pattern (actually called "Little Peeps"!) from one of my favorite sources Piece By Number Quilts.

I was given a color scheme by each recipient, so I purchased the inner border / binding and outer border / back fabrics to meet those guidelines.

Each quilt contains 4 boys and 4 girls; their faces contain 8 different skin tones. Rather than put in eyes, noses, and mouths to try to "identify" where each figure came from (which of course would be presumptuous), I will leave it to the imagination of the kids who will cuddle with them.

The first quilt (above) was made for Milo Prass, brother of Ruby (whose quilt can be seen here, and oddly enough was also part of a two-fer).  

The second quilt was made for Jacob, new grandson of my mother-in-law Pauline's friend Susan.

Dedicated followers of this blog (and other eagle-eyes) should be able to recognize the original quilts made with some of the over 30 different fabrics used in these pieces.

These were certainly fun to make. I don't usually like to repeat the same pattern, but because: 
a) the peeps are scalable (these happen to be 6" squares on point), 
b) you can add more to make a bigger size quilt (these are rather smallish at 23 x 32), and 
c) they are made with scraps so each would be unique,
...I would certainly consider doing them again at some future time.

PS: After seeing this post, one of my loyal followers commented: "I like that they look like stars. Every kid should feel like a star sometimes!"


Donna said...

In Jacob's quilt the middle peep on the left is from the Sea of Love wedding quilt. What do I win?

I love how the background and borders change the look of these quilts. Beautiful work!

jil said...

Such beautiful work. I love that pattern.
ps. What did Donna win???? :)

Carol G said...

What a cute pattern. Love both quilts.

P. said...

They are both such fun little quilts. Love that the faces are different tones but blank of features. My eye is drawn to the bright clothing.