Quilters Lead Pieceful Lives.

Monday, June 5, 2017


Always a popular quilt pattern idea: floating squares making shadows.

What could I do to make it unique?

Play with the light intensity and angle!

So I designed this making the light the strongest / brightest at the center and getting weaker as you go out.

Thus, both the squares and their shadows reflect this: lightest in the center and darkest at the outer edges.

But if the light source was directly overhead (of the center), then wouldn't the shadows be on the opposite sides of where I placed them?

Probably, or maybe this exists in an alternate universe.....but it looked better in my design spreadsheet this way.

The background fabric had to be light, and lighter than the center square. Plain white was too boring, so I managed to find an off-white fabric with teeny-tiny white squares on it! These reinforce the whole square - shadow idea!

While cutting, I had to make sure that these teeny-tiny squares were straight across, and up and down.

This fabric was, of course, also used as the small corner pieces of each 'block". And since there are several sizes of blocks, the background pieces are not uniform, as say, regular sashing would be. The whole thing is a big jigsaw puzzle (in 4 quadrants) that had to be assembled from the center out.

The quilting is pretty bare bones: I used clear monofilament to ditch around all of the shadows, and also across some of the longer background seams.

And good news: I made this just for fun, so it is available for purchase!!!

It is 38"x36" and has a hanging sleeve.

I am asking $125 (plus shipping if you are not in the Chicago area); discount for interested family members!!!!

If you would like it, send me an email. if I get multiple requests, I'll have to decide who gets it.