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Monday, November 23, 2015

Cars, Trucks, etc.

Another quilt in the "Mari's Family" series!  This one is for Mateo, brother of previous quilt recipients Lucy and Max.

Mari asked for "cars and trucks"....I've done several with that theme before. So: design the pattern first, or pick the fabs first?  Hmmmm.......

This time I went with "fabs first". Found a great line called "Ready, Set, Go 2". So many cute patterns....which to get? Based on the choices (colors and patterns), I put together a 9-patch design using 3 of the fabrics, and purchased a fourth one for the back.

Ta Da:

Because the 9-patches from the first two fabrics were a little on the dark side, I used yellow fabric (from my stash) for the sashing.  From the third, I had to fussy cut the horizontal strips and the borders. So the maximum height (about 2 1/4") of those was dictated by the pattern. That is why I made the yellow sashes so thin; I didn't want them to over power the main fabric.

The back uses many of the same cars and trucks, plus bicycles; that's how the quilt got its name!   

Definitely a two-sided dragger!