Quilters Lead Pieceful Lives.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Another excellent 3D paper-pieced pattern from Piece By Number. The keys to making this pattern work are the alternating color bands and the precisely matching points. This was easily accomplished using the  pattern's instructions and templates.

For this piece I chose to use mottled Batik fabrics instead of the usual bright solid fabrics I've used on other 3D pieces. The light- and dark-colored strips give the illusion of interwoven 3D cubes.

The quilting was done using smoky transparent monofilament on top and black thread in the bobbin. I ditch-quilted just around the inner and outer edges of each of the 6 cubes.  Thus the quilting is almost invisible. Another example of using the quilting as a totally functional element of the piece.

Thankfully this piece is rather small (21 x 21), as it will need to find wall space to hang in Pauline's apartment.