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Friday, October 21, 2016

Animals Down Under

This is my 150th quilt!!!!!

I made it for a friend who has a friend whose children (and the granddaughter recipient) are temporarily stationed in Australia. So they wanted something with an Australian theme, in pinks and pastels.


Do you know the names of all the animals? 

The pattern is from "A Quilter's Ark", one of my favorite pattern books. I have made a number of quilts from here, including two Noah's Arks (here and here).

This one has pink stiples around the animals to make them pop, and then gray and lavender ditch stitching around the inner and outer borders and binding respectively.

And 15 years ago, I made this same quilt for the husband of a co-worker, using North American Animals!
Same pattern (quilt #17!), different animals; completely different feel. That's one of the joys of quilting: the unlimited range of fabric patterns and colors.