Quilters Lead Pieceful Lives.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shana's Choice

This quilt was made for our good friend Shana Lowitz. Shana comes from a very artistically gifted family. She asked me to design a wall quilt that had visual interest, but was not too busy; one that had some structure, but also some randomness; in soft rusts, corals, greens, and browns.

The pattern is loosely based on one from the book "City Quilts" by Cherri House.

Though the quilt is relatively small (about 38" x 26"), it is made up of 20 different fabrics. And no matter how closely you look, you won't see any quilting. Why? There are 7 rows, each comprised of a number of "block" units. Each row was then sewed to the previous row directly onto the batting/backing in the "quilt as you go" fashion (the same as I used for the small handbags I made a few years ago). Thus, no visible quilting on the front and only 7 straight lines on the back!

As Shana and I were designing it, we tried to come up with an appropriate name. Alas! We were unable find one worthy enough. So, once again, I am opening up naming rights to everyone. Please submit your choice either by commenting directly on the blog or by emailing me. Shana will have the honor of picking the winning name from all of the entries. The winner's name will be posted and he/she will receive a morsbag in the color of their choice.

Update: There were 17 entries in the "Name the Quilt" contest. As you can see, Shana chose "Shana's Choice", which indeed it was! The winning entry was submitted by Pauline (who knows a thing or two about quilts!). Thanks to all who submitted.