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Monday, November 25, 2013

Soshanguve BlocKKs

When Emily was living in Soshanguve, South Africa, she became friends with a couple who lived nearby, Doug and Colletta Rhoads (similar name, but no relation).  Earlier this year, Em informed me that they were expecting their first child. So of course another Shwe Shwe quilt was added to the queue!  And here it is:

Once again, as with Shwe Shwe Diamonds, these are (primarily) Shwe Shwe fabrics, made in South Africa, that we bought from The African Fabric Shop in West Yorkshire, England.  We also got the pattern from there, although I modified it somewhat. It features off-kilter blocks and a striped semi-border. The border stripes and small block centers have a selection of 20 different fabrics. The large block centers contain fussy cuts of stylized African animals (that same fabric is used on the back).

And, as usual, we wracked our brains for a fitting name for the quilt.

In Sosh, Em lived in "Block HH". The blocks are really what we would call neighborhoods, but they do have official, recognized boundaries (more like our townships).  Doug and Colletta (still) live in Block KK (in fact, their blog includes their address there!). 

After many back and forth suggestions, we finally came up with "Soshanguve BlocKKs"!  This, of course, refers both to the quilt blocks themselves, and to their "Block KK" home.    Perfect!

We sure hope new baby Eletsa approves!


Donna said...

Wayne, I say this a lot to you. But this one is really the loveliest of them all.

Stephanie said...

Oh, this is great!