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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Little Playmates

Our good friends Pam and Steve just had their first grandchild:  William (Will) Ethan Greffenius.
This quilt was made to celebrate his arrival.

Pam provided the color scheme. The front is a combination of panel-blocks (featuring an assortment of playmates) and "woven" blocks. The ditch quilting in the woven blocks follows the "strips" in either matching green or orange thread.  The quilting in the panels replicates the woven look in a matching blue thread. The same three colors (orange, green, and blue) are reflected in the fun striped border.

The back is another fabric in the same group as the small panels on the front.  The same "playmates" are featured, but in a bigger scale.  So Will can use either side for twice the fun!!!!!


P. said...

That is really cute! I love the woven orange and green blocks against the print squares. I'm sure the little guy and family are going to love it!

SEO Dewintec said...

That is an awe-some post on making of the wooden stretcher bars