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Friday, November 2, 2012

Dominique's Garden

Yet another quilt for my friend Mari's new niece!

Mari asked for something with flowers and butterflies.  I was able to find this colorful group of fabrics called "Snail Trail" made by Studio E fabrics.

The center is a panel with a garden full of flowers and cute creatures. I stiple and shadow quilted around them.

The border fabrics also feature butterflies and snails and flowers.  The quilting in the wide outer border is a meandering white line, to mimic and reinforce the dotted butterfly "contrails" on the fabric.
The center panel fabric also came with its own set of large-scale flowers and garden friends.  Since the front design was too wide for a single width of fabric on the back, I cut out these extra pieces and put them in a strip down the middle of the back.  
Altogether a bright, cheery, and fun quilt for baby Dominique!

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