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Monday, October 8, 2012

Stay Connected

So my mother-in-law found one more small space of wall in her apartment that did not already have a quilted piece on it, and asked my to make something "narrow and colorful".

This is the result.

I took the pattern for "Eternity Knot Block" by Piece By Number and stacked the blocks 1 x 3. Of course I used my favorite six rainbow colors (poor indigo loses out again!) on the black background. Quilted using stipling. 

Since the piece is rather small (10" x 30"), I was afraid it would not hang well, so for the second time (see Reflections [Visualize Whirled Peas]), I chose to mount this on wooden stretcher bars instead of using a regular sleeve. 

In order not to lose any of the pattern on the edges, I added 4" of "border" all around (before sandwiching and quilting of course!), but no binding.

So the finished piece is more like a painted canvas.

Now.....will she be able to find any more open space?

I hope so!

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