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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Take the "B" Train

This is the third quilt for this growing family, joining ones made for Sebastian and Henry.  My friend Mari requested a train theme this time.

I found this pattern. It comes from Counted Quilts, and, like all of their patterns, it is made from strips which are then sub-cut into various squares and rectangles, and sewed together row by row.

I went with all solids, except for the grass, trees, smoke, and my favorite go-to: the wood-trunk fabric (hope I never run out!).

For the back I found a cute, colorful pattern featuring trains going hither and yon.

On many of my "baby" quilts, I just do basic ditch quilting, but this time I decided to use the quilting to emphasize the solidity of the locomotive and the shapes of the other objects.

So straight line quilting on the engine, rails, and ties, and random stiples everywhere else.

With the exception of the gray thread on the wheels, all of the other thread colors match the fabric color they are sewn on.

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