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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Anyone who knows me even casually knows that two of my great passions are quilting and baseball. So it is really amazing that, after 17 years and 100+ quilts, this is my first baseball quilt!

One of my quilt blog fans, Janice, wanted me to make a baseball themed lap quilt for her husband for a Christmas gift. She told me that he is a big San Francisco Giants fan.

I began looking for baseball fabric, including something with the Giants logo. Well....believe it or not, even after winning the World Series in 2010, the Giants are one of the few teams in any major sport and most large universities that does not have authorized cotton fabric! So I had to use other baseball-themed fabs including green grass!).

While looking for a pattern, I happened across a site called Quilt Patterns From Seattle. They had a pattern called Military Nine Patch. Oddly enough, the example quilt shown on the site also contained baseball-themed fabrics!! I contacted the owner (Cindy Carter) to buy the pattern and let her know of my planned quilt. She was excited and asked for pictures when I completed it. I sent them, and she posted them on her site! So if you click on the link above, you can scroll down and see my quilt there, too.

Now, you may be thinking: quilts (winter) and baseball (summer) don't really go together. But if you've ever been to a game at Candlestick or PacBall / AT&T you will know that one thin lap quilt is NOT nearly enough to keep you warm!!!

Play Ball!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the quilt. Perfect job. I am sure it will be loved.
Thanks for sharing your quilt.
Cindy Carter

Janice Knori said...

Thank you Wayne for creating this lovely treasure for my husband. Andrew was so surprised and happy to receive it as a Christmas gift. I will try to get him to take a photo with his very own baseball quilt. Right now he is afraid to use it because he is afraid the dogs will take it. So it may end up being a wall hanging for a while. We shall see. Thank you thank you for making this for both of us. Janice Knori

Donna said...

This is fabulous. The one sashing fabric with the white balls is perfect. And I love the back of this too. Nice!