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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's A Blue World, Max

Aunt Max loves blue (and so do I), so she asked me to make a quilt for her bed. The pattern has some similarities to Storm at Sea, since there are only straight cuts, but the angles make them appear to be circles. I designed this one so that the circles seem to overlap.

The quilt is 79x86 (double bed size). Each square is 6.5" (6" finished). It is actually paper-pieced, but I used 3 templates to cut the pieces to save wasted fabric. So each square is made of 2 halves (on a slight diagonal). Each half has 6 pieces made up of a combination of the 3 template shapes.

This quilt is special not only because it is for Aunt Max, but it also happens to be my 100th quilt!

And, here is another contest: What is the origin of the name of this quilt? If you know it (that means you may NOT look on the internet), please comment here or email me. I will pick randomly from all correct entries sent by midnight (Central) August 27th. Of course, the winner gets a morsbag!!!

Here is the answer: It is based on a line in the 1968 animated Beatles movie "Yellow Submarine". If you're too young to remember or have never seen it, it is a really fun movie. And the winner: My son Andrew!!! He knew the source. Second place goes to my daughter Emily (she knew it had something to do with the Beatles). They are the only two who came even remotely close. And no, this was not rigged!


Anonymous said...

Origin of the Storm at See Quilt? I assume it comes from the east coast fishermen's wives? It is to make it look like waves of sorts. You can play with the color levels to get the different values to the waves.

Janice Knori

Donna said...

I don't even have a guess about the origin, and I'm well-versed in quilt lore. How embarrassing. I'm sad to not get a bag, but how exciting - your 100th quilt! Nice!

Carol G said...

It looks like Kaleidoscope to me but with the dark and light patches arranged differently???

Carol G said...

Forgot to add I really like it. Love the blues.