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Friday, September 24, 2010

This Makes Me Happy!

A multi-colored bedspread made especially for my biggest fan (in terms of the number of my quilts she has, among other things), my mother-in-law Pauline. Though it looks like a scrap quilt, we actually picked and purchased 30 different fabrics specifically for this project. Even so, when we laid out the pieces to arrange it, we had to include one piece from my stash to fill in the last spot. You'll have to visit Pauline's apartment to try to find it!

I did minimal shadow quilting using a clear monofilament thread. That way the quilt stitches are nearly invisible, letting all of the bright colors show through.

And the name of the quilt? It is Pauline's suggestion. Perfect, no?
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Donna said...

This is a modern and a happy quilt. I'm amazed at the variety of patterns and colors and how terrific they all fit together. Nicely done!

Brooke said...

Beautiful, Wayne! I'll bet Paulie is really tickled!