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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

St. Roch Quilt

My daughter, Emily, works for the St. Roch Community Church in
the 9th Ward in New Orleans (www.strochcc.org). During the summer, she helped run a day camp for neighborhood children.

We thought it would be a good idea to have the older kids make a quilt!
I designed one based on the unique cross motif used at St. Roch:

Then, Emily, Lindsay, and other counselors revised the design to
make it easier for the kids to construct. They also had the great
idea of letting the kids personalize some of the squares!
Here is the quilt top after they cut and pieced it:

(standing, from left to right) Destiny, Precious
(front row, left to right) Nyjah, Caitlin, Nakyra, Lindsay
Also helping were Tyla, Jalen, and J'lanae.

But camp ended before they could finish the quilt, so I offered
to do it for them. Here is the end result:

Nice job everyone!!!!!!! Click here for more pix.


Donna said...

The picture on the kids' faces says it all. Emily and Lindsey deserve major praise for executing this. And you also for finishing it. It is just the BEST!

deb poole aka kustomgal said...

What a wonderful project you designed for your daughter. And how great of her dad to make sure it got finished. You are a nice person Wayne.