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Thursday, June 18, 2009

3D Study in Black and White

Three strips of black patterned
fabric and three of white alternate
to create depth and movement in
this piece. The thin red border both
frames and accentuates the black /
white pattern.

I taught a class to make this quilt in September at Quilter's Heaven.


Donna said...

It's hard to believe that just six fabrics can create such depth and movement. The little red border? Perfection. Your piecing is - as usual - impeccable. What are the dimensions? But the bottom line of this piece is your fabric choices. You are someone who "gets" the whole concept of value and contrast. This piece is dynamic and lovely.

casey mccarthy said...

Where can I buy the pattern to this beautiful black and white 3d quilt with red boarder I've looked everywhere aND even though there are thousands of pic there is no site on which to purchase the pattern or kit. Please help

casey mccarthy said...

Please tell me where I can't get this pattern I've looked everywhere there are lots of pics but no patterns, please help quilting is my therapy as I am disabled and this is my passion which helps me so much, you make the most loveliest quilts I have ever seen. Please contact me at chickfla1@yahoo.com thanks so much